1. Every shirt is unique. What does that mean exactly? We don't use machines to print the shirts. We literally put paint on real boobs and press them onto each shirt. That way, every shirt is unique and looks a little different. With a boobmade shirt, you get an individual piece of art that no one else in the world has :)
  2. Can I wash my boobmade shirt in a washing machine? Yes! We use a special textile paint for the prints, so putting your shirt into the washer is no problem at all. Just make sure not to wash it higher than 30ºC as the shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and can shrink at higher temperatures.
  3. Can I put my boobmade shirt into the dryer? No! We recommend to hang our shirts to dry. Putting it into a dryer could shrink it. Little pro tip: Shake out the shirt a little before you hang it. This way it won't be stiff when it's dry :) 
  4. Are the shirts produced sustainably and fair? Yes, the producer of our shirts is a member of the Fair Wair Foundation and is therefore bound to meet various labor standards such as: safe and healthy working conditions, no exploitation or discrimination of workers, reasonable hours of work and many more. For more information visit https://www.fairwear.org/about-us/


Do you have more questions? Just send us an email or shoot directly via text message to: +49 176 41081871 :)