Embrace all kinds of bodies & love yourself...

... A message from our founder Charlotte :)

Hi there!

I am Charlotte, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany

I’ve grown up in a country and in a time, where talking about one’s body has been very uncommon. It seemed almost a taboo raising the issue about the female body and sexuality. Nudism was even more alien to me.

For some women it’s still even a huge deal not wearing a bra under their shirt in public.

Society imposes certain shapes on a large number of people (not only women). Even if advertising and fashion is moving away from 90/60/90, the body of man and woman must still correspond to certain images:

You should have long legs, a flat stomach, nice hair, good skin, big eyes and long eyelashes. Man should have at least trained arms & woman naturally round breasts & smooth legs etc. Woman shouldn't have too many muscles or too few muscles, no double chin & no fat. Man mustn't be too hairy nor not to little hairy... Wow ... think about it - it's hard to be a human being! It is difficult to match the ideal body image that society creates.

The breast in a bra is just a picture of human perfectionism - expressed by the compulsion of the breasts in perfectly round push-up bras. The breast is usually not round ... Just to let you know. And one doesn´t have to be a hardcore feminist to say that out loud, nor to not wear a bra.

At the end of the day chests of men and women are equal but for women it is a little different. We are supposed to cover our breasts in a bra - of course its sometimes better to wear a bra and it helps stabilizing your breasts - especially when your boobies are bigger… but why do I have to wear a swimming suit wich covers my whole upper body? Why do I have to wear a top anyway while men walk in summer with shorts on only?

I am not saying that we all should walk around topless, but think about the differences between men and women and the similarities…

About the boobmade project: The name says it all: instead of (only) handmade, every shirt is boobmade*. For this reason, every shirt is different - different and special - just like real breasts are: sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, on different heights and of different shapes. The project aims to contribute more to body confidence - not only for women. There is no need to desire perfection. Reflect about your own shame. Do we all want to look the same?

Wearing the shirt gives you a good occasion to think and talk about this topic with your friends and family.

In my opinion, we should stand by ourself for who we are and accept that we are all different. It is precisely the difference that makes all people lovable. Every person is exactly as (s)he is - beautiful & valuable!

Embrace all kinds of bodies & love yourself!

Best regards, Charlotte

*meaning made by boobs

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